This program’s aim is to reduce social exclusion and poverty of rural populations in need by improving living conditions and strengthening the integration of women and young people. Actions planned by INDH are grouped under the following components:

  • Improve access to basic urban amenities and local public services (education , roads, potable water…)
  • Strengthening social, cultural and sports activities
  • Promoting Local Sustainable Development and Income Generating Activities
  • Strengthen the participation and integration of women and young people
  • Strengthen local governance

Eligibility requirement:

  • The Choice of projects must be based on participatory diagnostics prepared by the animation teams with theconcerned populations and with the collaboration of thedecentralized services.
  • Chose projects which aim at valorization of local potential and help to absorb social deficits.
  • Give priority to long-term projects by favoring the following sustainability factors:
  • The financial package must consider operating and maintenance costs
  • High impact projects (number of direct beneficiaries and immediate effect)
  • A high Partner’sLeverageeffect
  • A strong ownership of projects by the population
  • Respect and preservation of the environment
  • Quality of work and equipment
  • Provide good procedures for monitoring, management and maintenance of the infrastructures and the quality of services offered.