The purpose of the rural program is to improve the quality of living for rural population and improve the human development index in the concerned areas, especially by:

  • Improving access to basic social services and promoting the gender approach
  • Promoting social, cultural and sports activities
  • PromotingIncomeGeneratingActivities
  • Promoting local sustainabledevelopment
  • Strengthening local governance

Eligibility requirement  :

Give priority to long-term projects by favoring the following sustainability factors:

  • The financial package must consider operating and maintenance costs
  • High impact projects (number of direct beneficiaries and immediate effect)
  • A high Partner’sLeverageeffect
  • A strong ownership of projects by the population
  • Respect and preservation of the environment
  • Quality of work and equipment
  • Provide good procedures for monitoring, management and maintenance of the infrastructures and the quality of services offered.