Ifrane is a city in the Moroccan Middle Atlas, characterized by its European urbanism. It is the capital of the province of Ifrane, whose area is 3,573km². It is administratively composed of two municipalities (Ifrane and Azrou), six caïdat (Tizguite, Oued Ifrane, Dait Aoua, Ain Leuh, Timahdit, Oued Ifrane and Irklaouen) and ten communes (Azrou, Ifrane, Tizguite, Dait Aoua, Ain Leuh, Sidi El Mekhfi, Timahdite, Ben Smim, Oued Ifrane and Tigrigra).

Ifrane province belongs to Fez-Meknes region and limited:

  • To the north by the provinces of Sefrou and Elhajeb
  • South and West by Khenifra province
  • In the East by the province of Boulemane.

Ifrane enjoys a very humid and temperate climate with an annual rainfall of 1498 mm and an average annual temperature of 10.8 ° C.

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