The handover of the keys of wooden kiosks as a part of the national initiative of human development

Saturday, April 7, The Governor of the Province of Ifrane Mr ABDELHAMID EL MAZID, and the president of Ifrane’s commune, handed over the keys of 24 wooden kiosks created as part of the National Initiative for Human Development for the benefit of the Association of Sellers of Craft Products in the Province of Ifrane.

This project’s purpose is to support the solidarity economy through the promotion of local products as well as to organize unstructured sectors.

This project was realized with a budget of 870.000.00 Dh as a part of partnership between:

- INDH: financial contribution of 350,000.00 Dh

- The commune of Ifrane: in addition to the land base, the municipality contributed with a budget of 400,000 .00 Dh

- The Association of Sellers of Craft Products, in charge of the project management, participated with 120.000 .00 Dh